• Canabee Car Reverse Parking Camera for Hyundai Elentra Waterproof LED Night Vision

    Brand: Canabee, Weight: 200 g, Rs. 545.00

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  • 3in1 Vibrating Sauna Slimming Belt Vibra Vibration

    Rs 1290.00

    About this product - 3in1 Vibrating Sauna Slimming Belt Vibra Vibration

    3in1 Vibrating Sauna Abs Slimming Belt Vibra Vibration with Sweating Heat + Magnets + Massage

    3 in 1 Slimming Belt - Magnetic + Vibra + Sauna With Remote As Seen On TV
    Flexible Magnetic & Vibrating Sauna Belt In One Size Fits. All With Secure Velcro Closure 
    Adjustable Heat Regulator Built In. To Power Cord 
    Instruction Booklet And Diet Plan. Tape Measure

    Magnet therapy : improves blood circulation, thereby avoiding


    Sweats away unwanted fat. Magnetic & Vibrating 
    You can lose weight and ease muscle pain while sitting in your own homes. 
    Great for abdomen, waist, back and hips. Improves circulatory system of body. Helps maintain health and tender skin 
    Eliminates superfluous fat and beautifies figure. Accessories: food plan, manual book .


    Massage therapy - the massage ball consists of motor by which circular vibrations are generated which reduce fat from Tummy, Hips, Thighs and Buttocks or Any other place 
    The Magnetic Therapy improves Blood circulation thereby avoiding clotting and removing excess of calcium, cholesterol and impurities from Veins 
    Acupressure Therapy - This is the Chinese method to relieve body pain. When pressure is applied on areas of pain, it will simulate the energy flow and Vital Organs in the Areas experiencing pain will become free from energy providing treatment relief 
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    Warranty 10 days

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